Recognizing Innovation and Excellence in HVAC&R

Apply for a Travel Award

Experiences of a Travel RecipientDid you know that the College of Fellows awards a Graduate student up to a total of $2,000 to attend the two ASHRAE Conferences listed below? These funds go directly to the selected candidates to cover travel, lodging and meals!

In addition to the defrayed costs, these award recipients are mentored prior to and during the meeting, having one on one help in determining which sessions and Technical Committee meetings they will attend and introductions to various ASHRAE Members who also specialize in their chosen area of research. This award allows future HVAC researchers the ability to become involved with ASHRAE TCs and participate in preparing and potentially bidding on ASHRAE projects.

The requirements are:

  • be an ASHRAE Member or Student Member
  • be a Ph.D. candidate within 24 months of graduation,
  • have a thesis topic within ASHRAE’s scope of research.

  • The conferences covered by this award will be determined once meetings are in-person again.

    The candidate must complete both pages of the Travel Award Submittal Form, which includes a one page (maximum) statement on the candidate’s research. Selected candidates will be expected to coordinate their own travel and lodging.

    Submittal may be by email (submit to All applications must be received by the end of February and award recipients will be notified by the beginning of April. (Again, this program is temporarily on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)